In Canada, AOL is #2 in reach. AOL brands bring original, compelling content to the web’s most valuable audiences. With the AOL+Microsoft partnership we are redefining how content is created and socialized.


AOL offers a full suite of mobile solutions including full-screen rich media experiences scalable from our Owned and Operated sites, like Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Engadget, Microsoft Advertising products like Ads in Apps, Skype and, as well as Network inventory. With the recent acquisition of Millennial Media, AOL is the first global, mobile, media technology company. We provide leading edge targeting enhanced by our device linking technology, seamless optimization with our proprietary AdLearn technology, geo-fencing and more!

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AOL has a full suite of products for advertisers that work together or can be used individually to enhance your campaign with AOL. From device targeting, personalization, video and creative options, AOL provides many options to deliver your campaign at the right time in the right place and in the right format.

AOL has a full suite of products for publishers for content management, audience development and monetization. We’re not like other walled gardens where you’re forced to use all of their parts and at the end of the day not be in control of your business. We give our clients the power of choice and control.

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Partner Studio by AOL is the industry's first fully open, data and technology powered content marketing solution. Partner Studio by AOL provides advertisers with the flexibility of an end-to-end solution, from award winning storytelling to industry leading distribution and measurement.

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